Scenic Highway 12 Utah

Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 begins in Panguitch in the west and ends in Torrey to the northeast. It can be enjoyed by driving either east or west — or both, multiple times. The road is open year-round, but after major winter storms, sections might be impassible until plowed, and ice can make some sections white-knucklers especially on the Boulder Mountain stretch during the winter. There are no fees to drive on Highway 12, although some destinations and attractions along the way — off of the highway — have an entrance fee. Feel free to bring a dog, but most areas and trails along the highway require the pup to be on leash. Don’t make the mistake I did once – I drove this stretch at night with a friend. We knew it had to be amazing, but had no idea what we were not seeing. Now that I have seen how spectacular this drive is, I really owe that person a drive. I would be happy to make this trip a hundred times.
Description from “you’ll enjoy driving through the two red arches in Red Canyon. Then, you’ll be in awe as you lay witness to the actual “stairs” in the Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument just past Henrieville — a different color of sandstone to the north and to the south. Along the “Hogsback” between Escalante and Boulder, hairpin turns dare you on a road that drops off drastically from the shoulders down into deep canyons below. You’ll yet again change geography as you traverse through the aspen and pine groves, and meadowlands of Boulder Mountain before finally heading back to the desert near Capitol Reef. Don’t worry, there are plenty of pull-offs and scenic overlooks so you don’t have to take pictures while driving (not recommended). In short, fans of scenic driving, motorcycle touring, epic bike rides and people with eyes with love this journey. It’s even better if loved ones don’t mind you saying “wow” a thousand times over the course of the 122-mile drive.”